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GSM Renewal

Well, here it is October already and I’ve yet to post since August. But, things have been going awesome and there are a few things in the works. (I’m not telling you about all of them in the post ~ it’s just not time yet.)

One of those projects is, of course, Gay Slut Magic (GSM, for short). #Fagho, right? Not really, no, but having a blast, nonetheless. Well, except for Monday (9/29/14) ~ that day seemed to be a total bust on getting the D.

The last time I posted on GSM was July. It’s been two months since then and it’s about to become three. The thing is, I’ve had more sexy-time than I can shake a stick dick at.

Since this is my blog, I’m going to go ahead and brag a little bit. Since July of this year, I’ve had 32 (yes ~ thirty-two) sexual encounters with only two of them being repeats. Don’t get me wrong: I do love the repeat fellahs. But there’s something about a dude you just met having a swell time with … well, parts of my body. So that’s about 30 men in a three-month timeframe, giving you around ten men a month. If you do the math, that’s about 2.5 men a week. (I won’t give you the actual totals since my partner and I have decided to fuck around ’cause that might scare the pants hot-boy undies off of you.)

There was a moment, though ~ the Cum-n-Get-It Mojo went through the wash. Yah. It scared me, too. I was like “Hell to the fuckity fuck fuck NO, now I’ve got to rebirth him! AARRRGGGHHH!” But, I tried to revive him first. I think he just got a good bath, is all. When he came back out of the wash and was dry for about three days, I breathed new life into him and gave him an (ahem) “offering.” And then fed him with some Jim Beam Honey Bourbon. I let him rest for a few days on the altar, too, before making requests. And then when I got back round to it, things started to liven up again. (wink)

The thing is: I’m not really sure the little guy is at his best. I mean, when I first made him, my mojo was kicking like a beast in heat. I mean there were dudes knocking on my (back) door right and left. Every time I took my little buddy out in public with me, I had some dude making eyes at me, smiling all cute or generally flirting and being extra nice at the grocery or fast food places and such. That doesn’t happen quite as much. Also ~ the number of male specimens stepping up to my threshold on a daily has decreased. Not horribly significantly, but significantly enough to warrant a little thought on the topic of remaking the little guy.

I’ll keep you posted.