From SpellCaster To SpellMaster – Witch in the 'Burbs

From SpellCaster To SpellMaster

Back when I was a kid, I had a horrible bully in my neighborhood. All he did was poke fun at me and this other kid because we played with Barbie dolls. I know what you’re thinking: big deal, right? Kids are cruel. Yah, but you don’t say that until you’re no longer a kid.

Anyhow, my entire family was gathering back in the mountains of eastern Kentucky. I don’t remember the occasion – I think it was an Anniversary or a birthday or something. But I remember the moment so specifically – I found my great grandmother alone in the kitchen, making her famous Chicken-n-Dumplins. And I told her about my bully.

She told me to write his name on a leaf, and put it on the end of a tree branch – just poke it right on there. So I did exactly what she said, and less than 2 weeks later, the bully’s dad had a new job offer, and they’d moved out of the state.

That sparked my interest in magic big-time.

From then on, every visit was spent observing my great grandmother. Whether it was holidays, birthdays, or just to go have a weekend with the family. The reason didn’t matter, the gathering didn’t matter. I watched my great grandmother do things that no one else in the family ever talked about. Hell, maybe most of them didn’t even know about what my great grandmother was doing.

I learned A LOT from her.

During the same time, I did A LOT of research. I read everything I could get my hands on about Wicca, Witchcraft, Paganism – hell, anything having to do with the Occult, spells, and magic. Especially folk magic.

I had little luck finding folk magic stuff, though. When I was 10, I stole money from my Dad and bought “The Magic Power of Witchcraft” by the Frosts. But then I stumbled upon Wicca, at the age of 12. I read a book called “The New Pagans,” by Hans Holzer, and right after that one, “In the Shadow of the Shaman,” by Amber Wolfe. And it spiraled on from there.

I was initiated into Feycraft at the age of 13, attained my 3rd Degree in early 1994, and then my great grandmother passed later that year.

After my Mother Coven disbanded in late 1994, I took over as High Priest for a few of the former Members. We practiced until 1995, when everyone graduated high school and moved on. After that, I basically practiced magic solitary for over a decade.

Throughout that time, I’ve had spells succeed, and I’ve had them fail. We all do, there’s no doubt. No one ever has 100% success rate, I don’t think.

But since then, I’ve discovered what works for me almost every single time. And I’ve discovered what kind of spellwork I should shy away from because it’s not my strong suit. Over the years, I’ve learned principles and techniques that really solidify what spellwork is, and how to do it.

While at one time I had issues getting my spellwork to … well, work … I don’t anymore because I discovered a simple formula to help me step into the results I want.

Today, I can pick a situation, plan out what I need to do, and do it. I stick by the concept that, if you do the work, you get the results. And if the results aren’t quite what you wanted, do it again and again, until they are.

Back in the day, we used to call that, “Mastery.” Which is why I say I went from spellcaster to SpellMaster. I know it’s corny. But it’s fun to say! LOL

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