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I’m Alan Fuller. I was not trained in Witchcraft by listening to my great grandmother drone on about spells while she rocked in her rocking chair by the hearth. While I do come from a line of what I consider Appalachian Witches, it is not a long line, and they would not have considered themselves Witches were they to be asked.

In 1990, I was initiated into a Coven in my hometown, where I began learning the Feycraft Tradition of Wicca, syncretized by my late High Priestess in the late 1970’s from two very different Traditions. In late 1993, I received my Third Degree and have been running Covens off and on ever since. I have run three Covens in total, the last of which (Mystic Star Coven) is on it’s second incarnation.

I currently cavort with Spirits, sing with Trees, dance with Fairies, plumb the murky depths of the Otherness and trod the Starry Road. In other words: I practice the Old Faith (also known as “Old Craft,” or “Traditional Craft”). My primary Occult and magical influences are, of course, Appalachian folk magic, Wicca and Old Craft.

I’m the author of the book The Spell In My Pocket that details the creation and use of mojo bags, packets and vial spells in a way that is part Appalachian folk magic, and part Old World Witchery. I am also the author of this blog and am hard at work on an original Oracle Deck.

My interests include the woods, forests, mountains, camping, travel, amusement parks, horror fiction, and all things Occult, Magical and Witchcraft. I and my Partner have been together for 11 years, and we live in Kentucky, with our cat, Gerty (whom we are convinced is possessed by a flesh-eating demon because she won’t stop trying to devour our feet).

I annually attend the Beltane festival hosted by Our Haven, in French Lick, Indiana.

All of my blog posts here (which are weekly posts) will now and forever be free and open to the public. Sometimes I’ll throw an extra little post in just because I feel inspired.

You can read a little more about my blog’s intended purpose here.

What I'm Up To ...

  • Just found out about the group The Chainsmokers and I'm exploring their music.
  • Currently watching The Expanse, The Magicians, and Taboo
  • Working on an Oracle Deck
  • Building an online course in Witchery
  • Writing my next Kindle book

Some trivia about me ...

  • I just turned 40 in 2017
  • I love trying new cocktails, usually mixing them myself at home
  • I love coffee; I have an inner white girl who loves Pumpkin Spice Lattes
  • I am a voracious reader and books are my besties; my fave fiction is horror, by far
  • I live with my Life Partner of 12 years
  • We have a cat named Gerty who tries to eat us sometimes

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