The Short Version

  • I wrote the book on making mojos, packets, and vial spells, from my own background in Mountain Witchery, which I learned from my great grandmother. The book is called The Spell In My Pocket.
  • I run courses on practical magick, and Pagan spirituality.
  • I teach and assist Clients to utilize a unique blend of Operative Witchery, spirituality, and action, to make mad fabulous transformation in every area of their lives. People come to me to focus on their spirituality, career, adventure, and more.

Here's the Whole Story ...

When I was 7, there was a bully in my neighborhood. On a visit to eastern Kentucky that year for the holidays, I told my great grandmother about it. She told me what I could do about it, and I did. The bully was gone within a week, and, of course, that piqued my interest in Witchcraft and magick.

I learned Mountain Witchery from my great grandmother.

Every time we went to the mountains of eastern Kentucky for a visit, it was my great grandmother I hung around the most. I saw the blend of Native American spirituality, and practical folk magic of an Irish and English immigrant. I watched, and I learned. (Observation is an excellent teacher.)

I became a Feycraft Witch.

In 1990, I met a woman from England, and she initiated me into Feycraft. I received my Third Degree in 1993, and, at the same time, I met a man who told me I should become a Priest of Pan. So he brought me into that Priesthood, and Pan has been with me ever since. (I currently lead a Coven of Feycraft Witches.)

I made 2 Oaths.

My great grandmother passed in 1994. I sat by her bedside, holding her hand. She told me to be myself, to live my life for me. I know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the moment she let out that final exhale, something passed from her to me. I felt it - some rush of power - flood my body at that very instant. And my magickal practice has never been the same since.

And so on my great grandmother’s deathbed in 1994, I vowed 2 things to her:

  1. I will never let some random fucktard tell me who I am or who to be;
  2. And some way, somehow, our heritage will live on, like an ancient tree with roots grounded deep in the earth, and stretching to reach for the ancestral light of the stars.

I was magickally attacked ... and lived to tell the tale.

In 2001, I was magickally attacked by a fellow Witch. I never found out what I did to piss her off, but she attempted to hagride me. Her goals was to take my life force in cold blood - or perhaps it was an attempt to gain whatever tapped-in power my great grandmother had passed to me. So I was forced to amp it up, and put into place very powerful magickal protections, and wards, all gleaned from my time with my great grandmother, combined with some of my own Feycraft practices.

And that blend of everything I’ve learned and practiced to accomplish real, life-changing results, is what I call Operative Witchery. And I’m here to pass it on. (Plus, I still learn awesome new shit at least once a day.)

These are the things that guide me most ...

  • I believe in only teaching what I have successfully done myself.
  • I believe in passing well-earned wisdom on to others.
  • I believe that if service is beneath you, leadership is beyond you.
  • I believe that if you do the work, you get the results.
  • And I believe that every modern Pagan, Witch, Occultist, etc, deserves to live a bigger, better, badder, more kick-ass meaningful and fulfilling life.