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From SpellCaster To SpellMaster

Back when I was a kid, I had a horrible bully in my neighborhood. All he did was poke fun at me and this other kid because we played with Barbie dolls. I know what you’re thinking: big deal, right? Kids are cruel. Yah, but you don’t say that until you’re no longer a kid. Anyhow, my entire family was gathering back in the mountains of eastern Kentucky. I don’t remember the occasion – I think it was an Anniversary or a birthday or something. But I remember the moment so specifically – I found my great grandmother alone in

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3 Myths About The Gods Sometimes Told To New Witches

Long, long ago, in a land far, far away, I was trained in a Coven. Most of my readers know that already, right? The fact is: I love Covens. There’s a special something that working in a Coven – an actual one, that is more fam than your actual blood kin – brings to the table. Call it “extra oomph,” if you want. Or attribute it to being more social and spiritual, than religious. Whatever the case, I like it better than always working as a Solitary.

When It Seems Like Everything Turns To Shit

I don’t know that I’ve told this particular story before, so I’m just gonna let it all hang out there, if you don’t mind. It’s about my previous career. I had been a Certified Nurse’s Assistant for 14 years, and loved my job. I worked in probably 5 different assisted living facilities over those 14 years. My second-to-last job as a C.N.A. was my absolute favorite.

4 Banishing Tools Every Witch Can Use

There is no such thing as a permanent banishing technique. At least, not where spirits are concerned. People? Yes, people I can get rid of in a heartbeat – just pretend to be really clingy and needy. They’ll go away, and then you can get on with living your life. But that’s not the point of this post. LOL

The Magic of a Key

  The other day (actually, last Tuesday), I was in the mood for a bit of magic. I had a goal to work on, and for the spellcraft I was brainstorming, a key would’ve been perfect. I love the look and feel of old skeleton keys. So I went on a hunt in the basement – I could’ve sworn I had one back in the early 2000’s that I stashed for safekeeping. (Random tip: if you want to banish something from your life forever, put it in a “safe place” so you’ll never forget. You’re guaranteed to forget. LOL)