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How I Communicate with Deity

How do you deal with spirit communication in general, and especially with gods and goddesses? I tend not to treat spirits of any kind, most especially goddesses and gods, as figments of imagination, or facets of my own psyche. For me, they are external entities, and they are very real spirit beings. Since my personal Craft practice is centered a lot around working with Deity, I tend to give communications from them a good amount of credit. Deity communication is important to me. I operate by receiving blocks of knowledge.


Have you ever used Bindrunes? Bindrunes are one of my favorite, simple methods of working. A Bindrune is a symbol made by combining two or more runes into one pictorial image. It can represent a practical goal that you’re attempting to achieve – or a step on the way to that goal. Or it can also be a sort of magical monogram. This latter type is made by combining initials of a person’s name, in runic alphabet. Be we’ll focus on the practical Bindrune for this post.

Hestia’s Fire

After you become a Witch, things start to be a different kind of fun. When you cast those first few spells, or make those first few offerings to a deity or spirit, you wait, and you wonder. And then, the magic happens. Things manifest. And it amazes you. Because you never knew before that you had this kind of influence over your reality. There may not be thunderbolts and lightning when you cast a circle, and your results may not even be recognizable except in hindsight. But once you see it, it’s awe-inspiring. Even after 20+ years, I still have

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The Death of the Craft

Is Witchcraft dead?

The other day, during a friendly phone call, I was posed a question that I’d not thought about in a long while. The question was not startling. I’ve been asked this before. But it caused me some thought on this new occasion. The question: is Witchcraft dead? There were other implications behind the question: is magic weaker? Are the results not of the same level as they once were?

What Your Witchy Elders Might Not Tell You

As you know, I’ve been doing the “back to basics” thing. I’ve been doing a Goddess Immersion Exercise, and it’s going quite well. I’ve also been sitting in the silence, and doing my energy work more often. That’s also going quite well. But in meditation the other day, the thought just kind of hit me: there are things I know now, that I didn’t know when I started on this path. Some of these things would’ve made it a lot easier to deal with, had they been verbally conveyed to me.