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The Mother Of Us All

Let me just say: 2017, was definitely a year of the unexpected. Not that it was a bad year for me, necessarily … just some unexpected things happened. Now, granted, I have been fairly open about my political leanings. And you’re smart, so you know what I mean by that statement. But if we get right down to brass tacks, the fact of the matter is: those unexpected things will likely affect you and I very little. If we’re Witches worth our salt, anyhow.

Ancestor Work Is Cliche

A few years back, white folks started exploring African Traditional Religions, and the Diaspora. I’m sure this was happening before it all came to the fore, but sooner or later, various non-secret practices of the Diaspora came to light within our communities. Which is fine – every spiritual path deserves exploration. But, all of a sudden, it’s like every Neo/Pagan in the whole freaking world decided they just had to work with their Ancestors.

4 Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes With Prosperity Magic

This post is part of the Strategic Sorcery Blog Hop. This go-round, our topic is financial/money magick. Just below this paragraph, you’ll find the links to the Previous and Next posts in the list, plus the Master List, itself. I hope you enjoy everyone’s take on money and finances! Previous | Master List | Next I don’t claim to be an expert at money magick. We’re all teachers in some sense, but we’re all also students. And the real truth of it is: money is one of the weirdest, most explosive, and hardest-to-pin topics for a lot of people. There’s

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3 Kinds Of Petitions And How To Use Them

Do you suck at magick with petitions? You, my friend, are not alone. Obviously, if you can write a petition, and you know what works for you, and you don’t have any problems with petition magick, then maybe this particular post isn’t for you. But the fact is: a lot of people judge themselves harshly when they have trouble writing what would be considered a “good” petition. When you follow all the status quo rules, you sometimes end up blocking yourself. But that’s probably a different post, so on with the show …