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Bring Me to the Gates

Bring me to the gates Of the portals of the worlds As the clouds roll by And the veil unfurls. I long to feel The immanent touch The moving within The incessant rush. Bring me to the gates The portal, the threshold To step between the worlds And touch the unknowable Bring me to the gates Where I can walk beyond the line That divides this reality Between your world and mine Power flows and power grows But I need a sense of real I need to grasp and hold the flow To break the vial and feel Hold me

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Fuck Heteronormativity

So Robin Artisson (a fave author of mine) did a piece on how modern Wiccans were so upset with a particular show. The television show, believe it or not, was True Blood, a good vampire piece, which is also a favorite series of mine. The problem was that several modern Wiccans were all distraught over one particular season of the show. In the season, Marnie, a modern Wiccan type with a group, was possessed by an ancient Witch, named Antonia. Antonia was, shall we say, “less than savory,” to modern Wiccans. Apparently, they were all up in arms over how the

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Only Darkness Understood

I stand beneath the gates of change And look upon His face. I see the light betwixt his horns And know the spirits of place. I see the gate swing open wide And the hedgerow sink beneath, As I hold the stang in my left hand And draw the knife from its sheath. Dead was I, and within the grave, Dead but alive again. Dead was I, and within the grave, The child of Tubal Cain. Dead was I, and within the grave, But tonight I am born anew. Dead was I, and within the grave, But I gather to

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