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Week Eight has been about the three selves. Most people associate the idea of the Three Selves with Feri ala Victor and Cora Anderson, which Victor apparently adopted from Huna. Because Francesca DeGrandis was trained in Feri and then founded The Third Road, it makes sense. But just a quick side note: Feri isn’t the only Tradition that utilized this information in its work. So did the Tradition in which I was trained. I still use the Three Selves concept in my practice in the ways in which I was taught. (Part of what my Tradition does with the Three

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I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned it before, but I tend to have fairly regular encounters with the Fey these days. I have for years, but they’ve become more frequent. (I don’t care if you think I’m nuts.) They tend to hang around the Musclewood Tree in the back yard (also called American Hornbeam). Anyhow, I don’t get to write poetry much, save for when I’m really, really inspired with it, and this one came to me about mid-May 2014, when I had my first encounter of this year with my Faery Friends.

I believe part of this came from Deborah Harkness. I’m not certain that she wrote the original, as I’ve seen it in many places, but hers is the first I thought about when I decided to put this chant here. I believe Deborah’s version might’ve only gone up to six, but I could be mistaken there, as well. At any rate, I’ve taken the liberty of rearranging some of it for my own use. I just recently rediscovered this chant in one of my journals.

I decided to remake the Much Fuck Mojo and I’m renaming it, too. I don’t like the old name so much, so I’ve started calling it something a little more to its purpose – the “Cum n Get It Mojo.” I’ve reworked the ingredients to be a bit more effective for my purposes because it has come to my attention that the previous formula might be slightly too feminine for what I’m after here.

Due to some of my spiritual/shamanic work, and some self-exploration, I’ve been feeling kind of artsy lately. Something I was inspired with the other day while at work kicked off this whole art thing. Of course, I’m not the best at drawing and such, but I do try. Anyhow, I may have seen similar to this particular piece before, I’m not sure. But I was inspired to draw it, so I did. (Because of my lighting, the paper looks yellow or tan, but it’s actually white paper from a sketchbook.) The outline is black ball-point pen, the color is colored

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