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(Note: this should’ve been published on 5/30, but I fell slightly behind as I was returning from camping vacay and taking care of the mundane things.) Week Seven is about “endless sources of power.” Earlier in the book, we learn about everything being connected, everything being made of this power/energy that Francesca calls “mana” (and that the Huna call mana, also), but which I have called, “Awen.” It is the same power known by many names, including Chi, Kundalini, Life Force, et cetera. And it is not a make-believe spiritual power – it is a literal, full-on, you-can-feel-it power. One

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// WARNING // I get pretty graphic in this post because I’m being completely transparent and real here. If you have qualms about promiscuity, you should probably avoid this post. Consider yourself duly cautioned. // END WARNING //

Over this past weekend, we had a mini-vacay for the Memorial holiday. We did what we usually do – we went to Michigan to camp with the fam.

This week in Be A Goddess, the focus was primarily on (1) doing something just because it’s fun; and (2) continuing purification rites from week 3. Since I’ve been partially through the book before, the first time around, I did something a little more involved. I did the Earth Purification Rite from Week Three, but I also went ahead and created/adapted/remembered Purification Rites for the other three elements.

Be A Goddess, Week Five

Well, it’s been some time since I’ve worked the Be A Goddess book. I had to take a short break because of work. Since I got that job, I had to do some training, which took a lot of my focus, and then do some hands-on work to get the feel of it all. Now that I’m on my regular shift working nights, I can pick it back up again. I haven’t really stopped saying the prayers – it’s just been on a few-times-a-week basis, rather than a daily one. But that’s changed. So I pretty well skipped the month

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