How To Keep Paganism From Dying

Paganism isn't dying, but covens are the key to thriving.

I read a short piece today called Why Contemporary Paganism Deserves to Die. While I don’t disparage the author for his opinion (because it is just that), we have to note that opinions can be … well, wrong. And from where I sit as a Coven Leader, the ideas in this article are … well,…

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My 10 Most Influential Pagan or Craft Books

top ten most influential books

Someone asked me just the other day how I felt about learning Wicca, Witchcraft or other forms of Paganism or magic from a shelf of books. In all honesty, I have no problem with it. I’d prefer, in fact, that people would learn from books as opposed to the Internet any day. But in an…

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Do You Really Need A Solitary Practice?

Do You Really Need a Solitary Practice

Is it important to do Solitary work, even if you’re with a Coven? Are Solitary Craft and Coven Craft essentially the same? Or will they be very different at all? And do you stick with one way, versus another, if they’re not exactly the same?

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Why Is A Magic Circle Important?

energy circle

Ring around the rosy, pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes, we all fall down! Do I use a circle in my private Craft workings? How do I cast a circle? Why? Is there a difference in group and solitary work? Sometimes. It varies. Because reasons (see below). And yes. The Purpose of Casting a Circle…

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How to Make Your Craft Soar with Spirit Work

spirit bowl

Before you even embark upon the journey of working with spirits, please do yourself a favor and ask yourself: Is working with Spirits really for me? Asking yourself that question before you start down this road is pretty important. It’s a necessary introspective task for a few reasons.

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