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4 Mistakes Almost Everyone Makes With Prosperity Magic

This post is part of the Strategic Sorcery Blog Hop. This go-round, our topic is financial/money magick. Just below this paragraph, you’ll find the links to the Previous and Next posts in the list, plus the Master List, itself. I hope you enjoy everyone’s take on money and finances! Previous | Master List | Next I don’t claim to be an expert at money magick. We’re all teachers in some sense, but we’re all also students. And the real truth of it is: money is one of the weirdest, most explosive, and hardest-to-pin topics for a lot of people. There’s

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Spirits of Place and Power

This post is part of a Strategic Sorcery Blog Hop. You can click the links below (and at the bottom) to find the previous, master link list, and the next post in this series of posts with various views, ideas and approaches on the topic of the magic and/or spirits of place. Previous | Master List | Next Every place is someplace, right? And if you’re an animist, like myself, then you probably hold to the idea that spirits are actual beings, not just figments of your imagination or “psychological constructs.” They’re external from the self – something out there that surrounds

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