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Bombing the Commune (Dream)

Back in June of 2015, I had a rash of crazy dreams. This happens to be one of them. Following the iteration of the dream sequence, I pick out key phrases and proceed to interpret the symbols for myself. Side note: This is not odd behavior for me. In general, I only remember dreams if they are significant in some way – and usually, they’re communications from the spirit realm. Having said that, here’s the dream:

Mini Mobile Home

So, I just woke up. And I had a crazy dream. I don’t usually remember my dreams unless they are significant ~ like, spiritually significant. In this one, I was with a bunch of other people. I don’t know who everyone was because I didn’t get to look at all their faces. But we were all sitting around this large table doing arts and crafts, as if I were in high school Art class. Everyone was working on something different, and these items were to be gifts for someone else. The thing is, we were all adults, not kids in

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Cleaning the Basement

I did not really focus on this as I was falling to sleep last night, but I do need to start more in-depth dreamwork. I used to remember them all the time, but then when you’re extra tired (which usually happens when working nigh shift), sometimes you just don’t. For a long time, I haven’t remembered any dreams. This could be related to my tiredness due to work schedule, or it could be because I don’t generally remember dreams unless they’re fairly significant.

Bring Me to the Gates

Bring me to the gates Of the portals of the worlds As the clouds roll by And the veil unfurls. I long to feel The immanent touch The moving within The incessant rush. Bring me to the gates The portal, the threshold To step between the worlds And touch the unknowable Bring me to the gates Where I can walk beyond the line That divides this reality Between your world and mine Power flows and power grows But I need a sense of real I need to grasp and hold the flow To break the vial and feel Hold me

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