Why I’m Not Pretentious About My Faith

Today, I awakened from my daily slumber to a notification on my phone from Instagram. I’d received a direct message. It’s not something I get on Insta very often. But when I do, I enjoy them – especially when they’re people who seem to enjoy the same things I do. The direct message came from a…

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When Traditions Split

Geoffrey Chaucer turned a phrase once and it remains pretty relevant. Overused, but relevant. The quote is: “All good things must come to an end.”[ref]From Troilus & Criseyde.[/ref] It’s a sad quote, but, for most of life, it remains true. I bring this up because the quote was brought to my mind when I heard about a…

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Non-famous Ain’t Bad

This post was originally written in December of 2014. I have revised it to reflect information that I know to be a fact and am entitled, as an Elder of my Faith, to reveal without breaking any of my Oaths. So I was reading an article the other day about this dude who takes a…

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7 Unexpected Truths About Being a Witch

Witchcraft is still a thing. Actually, let me say it this way: Wicca is still a thing. I know there are folks out there in The Un-united States of the Internet (USI) who think that Wicca is a derogatory term – that Wicca = “fluff bunny” or “ignorant” or “n00b.” The truth is, the term Wicca…

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Beltane 2015


We actually did it! We made plans ~ on the spur of the moment, really ~ just two weeks ahead of time to attend a Beltane festival. It was a large group of people at a nature sanctuary. It’s really a 175 acre plot of sacred lands. And that makes it even more special. I…

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