5 Fundamental Practices for Being Who You Are

As part of the Life Redesign Project, I’ve been getting back to basics. You know – those spiritual practices that bring you depth, and a sense of authenticity. Practices that are pretty fundamental, but we tend to forget over time, as we grow and start to use other tools in our work. Getting back to…

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Live Life Like You Mean It – NOW

People come to me and tell me their stories. And that’s part of what I like about being Pisces. I can listen, and listen well, and understand where you’re coming from. It isn’t difficult at all for me to step into your shoes when you’re spinning and weaving tales of your life for me. But…

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What Is Life Redesign?

It’s time again, folks! I’ve not posted about this on the blog before, but I figured I might as well. It’ll give me some good material to throw out there for my fave loyal readers. It’s time for my Life Redesign project! It’s all a part of the online course I’m developing¬†that will be going…

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