Memorial Day Campout

Over this past weekend, we had a mini-vacay for the Memorial holiday. We did what we usually do – we went to Michigan to camp with the fam.

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Fragrant Fakery?

You probably know that I’m a proponent of doing what makes you happy. You probably also know that I’m a huge supporter of the “do what works for you” movement. That doesn’t mean that I think cultural appropriation is okay (even though it is, in some instances, but that’s another post). It just means that…

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The Witch Vibe

I can tell when Witches are working, when magic is afoot, when the power is awakened. I started my spiritual explorations when I was 13 years old. If you’ve seen any of my YouTube videos, you’ve probably heard me mention that fact. You might also know that I entered a Coven at a fairly early…

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