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Be A Goddess, Week Three

For this week’s lesson in Be A Goddess, I’m supposed to take a few journal entries to meditate on Francesca’s Faerie Tradition Creation Myth No. 1, line by line. Here are some excerpts from those journal entries (the myth is in italics, my thoughts in plain text):

Be A Goddess, Week Two

Be A Goddess says, this week, to write a few lines about Nimue, the Maiden aspect of the Goddess. Francesca describes her as “an intelligent 7-year-old” and asks that we try to imagine what it would be like for her to have all of nature in her hands and at her power.

Be A Goddess, Week One

Today is the first week’s lesson in Be A Goddess, by Francesca DeGrandis. My plan is to complete the entire “program,” since I’ve only completed partially, and that was several years ago. I want to take my time, do the lessons as they’re laid out, and see where the end result of doing this work takes me.