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3 Kinds Of Petitions And How To Use Them

Do you suck at magick with petitions? You, my friend, are not alone. Obviously, if you can write a petition, and you know what works for you, and you don’t have any problems with petition magick, then maybe this particular post isn’t for you. But the fact is: a lot of people judge themselves harshly when they have trouble writing what would be considered a “good” petition. When you follow all the status quo rules, you sometimes end up blocking yourself. But that’s probably a different post, so on with the show …

The Gift of Hamenight

So just around the bend is what I (and many other Pagans) consider the “new year.” I call it Samhain. Others may call it All Hallow’s Eve, or All Souls Night. Some Traditional “old world” Witches call it Allantide or Hollantide. My great grandmother called it Hamenight, because “hame” means “home,” and at this time of year, you set lights in the windows so your Ancestors can come home and sup with you (as in celebrating with what’s known as a “dumb supper”). I didn’t spend every Hamenight visiting the mountains and the family. But there were a few. And

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The Witch’s Familiar

I might have said this before, but I think it bears repeating. In the classic sense, a Witch’s familiar was generally an animal. Most of the time, it was probably a cat, toad, crow, etc. – almost always a small animal. In the movie The Witch, released in 2015, the goat “Black Phillip” can be seen as a familiar. While some believe it was possessed by the Devil, Himself, it is more likely that Black Phillip was merely a familiar.

What’s The Deal With Witchblood, Anyhow?

So there’s something that’s been on my mind for the past several months. And it just so happens that a discussion came up about it recently. There is that something – and it’s not easy to explain – that draws a Witch to other Witches. You meet them and you know, on some deep level, that you’re more alike than different. You feel … like family. And you might as well say you’ve adopted each other. It’s witchblood. Now you can poo-poo it all you like. There are plenty of people who say things like, “Oh that’s just elitism,” or, “You’re just letting

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