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What’s The Deal With Witchblood, Anyhow?

So there’s something that’s been on my mind for the past several months. And it just so happens that a discussion came up about it recently. There is that something – and it’s not easy to explain – that draws a Witch to other Witches. You meet them and you know, on some deep level, that you’re more alike than different. You feel … like family. And you might as well say you’ve adopted each other. It’s witchblood. Now you can poo-poo it all you like. There are plenty of people who say things like, “Oh that’s just elitism,” or, “You’re just letting

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How I Feel About Fate

I’ve been asked so many times if I’m a, “heathen.” I suppose that really depends upon the definition of the word. I was certainly called a heathen by my mother plenty throughout my childhood. The dictionary defines heathen as, “a person who does not belong to a widely held religion (especially one who is not a Christian, Jew or Muslim) as regarded by those who do.” In other words, if you’re not one of The Big Three, you’re a heathen. The term heathen is, correctly, synonymous with the word pagan.

What Is Appalachian Witchcraft? Not A Religion.

I hate being generalized and lumped together with people that I am really nothing like. I found a “definition” of Appalachian folk magic (or witchcraft) that I find to be very, very wrong. And I have legitimate reason to find it very, very wrong. The definition is made up by someone who obviously: (a) isn’t an Appalachian Witch and (b) hasn’t had any connection to Appalachian Witches. It’s rather like saying, “I’m a straight guy – I can tell you exactly what it means to be gay and how it feels.” The “definition” I found was this: Those who practice

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Its Practice for a Reason

A blog reader emailed me a few months ago and said My magic isn’t getting any results and I have no idea why. I’ve tried everything on this one particular purpose, but I just can’t seem to get anything going. Can you help me? My answer may seem a little harsh, but it is the nature of our reality. You can’t get good at drawing unless you practice. You can’t get good at writing unless you practice. You can’t get good at painting unless you practice. Notice that we use the phrase, “magical practice,” a lot. Why? Because its work – it takes effort

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Crafty Cultural Influences (Video)

Video – Crafty Cultural Influences – Week 6 of the YouTube Pagan Challenge This particular video is on my mountain heritage and where my folk magic comes from. I’m of a Scots-Irish background, by way of the Appalachian mountains of eastern Kentucky. And this video kind of explains that a little bit – along with a few other things. Enjoy!