Hestia’s Fire

After you become a Witch, things start to be a different kind of fun. When you cast those first few spells, or make those first few offerings to a deity or spirit, you wait, and you wonder. And then, the magic happens. Things manifest. And it amazes you. Because you never knew before that you…

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The Death of the Craft

Is Witchcraft dead?

The other day, during a friendly phone call, I was posed a question that I’d not thought about in a long while. The question was not startling. I’ve been asked this before. But it caused me some thought on this new occasion. The question: is Witchcraft dead? There were other implications behind the question: is…

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How to Make Your Craft Soar with Spirit Work

spirit bowl

Before you even embark upon the journey of working with spirits, please do yourself a favor and ask yourself: Is working with Spirits really for me? Asking yourself that question before you start down this road is pretty important. It’s a necessary introspective task for a few reasons.

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Where Are All My Posts On Experiments?

Question from a regular blog reader: Where are all your posts on the magical experiments that you’ve done/are doing? When I first started this blog way back in the day, I had a bunch of posts up on magical experiments. Usually, they were about the process that I went through to get my results, and…

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Do People Know I’m A Witch?

I was recently asked how people react to my spiritual pursuit – i.e., Witchcraft. So I figured I’d answer here. My in-laws (my partner’s parents, and his sisters and their husbands) – as far as I’m aware – are in-the-know about my interests. I’m almost sure they’re aware of WitchInTheBurbs.com and my book, The Spell In…

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