Operative Witchery – Witch in the 'Burbs

How Operative Witchery Was Born

The first few books I read on the Craft, prior to my Initiation, were The New Pagans (Hans Holzer), In The Shadow Of The Shaman (Amber Wolfe), and The Magic Power of Witchcraft (Frost and Frost). And then in 1990, I was Initiated into Feycraft, and was running my first Coven in 1994. But despite reading, casting spells that actually resulted in achieved goals was a bit of an issue. I was able to cast an effective spell, but the results were generally off somehow. (Except for the very first few that I picked up from my great grandmother.) There

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How Operative Witchery Is Different From Other Systems

Most folks probably are just now becoming aware that I’ve been working on a brand new online training program called, “Operative Witchery.” It’s mostly for people who don’t want to search high and low for a workable system of practical spellcraft. But, even “old hats” may pick up a few awesome ideas, and maybe a new-to-them way of going about things. The focus is on achieving goals through folk magic, also called spellcraft, which I call, “operative witchery.” But you have to know: Operative Witchery is a bit different from most of what I’ve found online as far as magical

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From SpellCaster To SpellMaster

Back when I was a kid, I had a horrible bully in my neighborhood. All he did was poke fun at me and this other kid because we played with Barbie dolls. I know what you’re thinking: big deal, right? Kids are cruel. Yah, but you don’t say that until you’re no longer a kid. Anyhow, my entire family was gathering back in the mountains of eastern Kentucky. I don’t remember the occasion – I think it was an Anniversary or a birthday or something. But I remember the moment so specifically – I found my great grandmother alone in

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