The Death of the Craft

Is Witchcraft dead?

The other day, during a friendly phone call, I was posed a question that I’d not thought about in a long while. The question was not startling. I’ve been asked this before. But it caused me some thought on this new occasion. The question: is Witchcraft dead? There were other implications behind the question: is…

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How was Beltane, 2017?


Beltane 2017, was wet! Extra, extra wet! I mean: wetter than I’ve ever been in my life, short of diving voluntarily into a swimming pool, or taking a shower. WET.

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How To Keep Paganism From Dying

Paganism isn't dying, but covens are the key to thriving.

I read a short piece today called Why Contemporary Paganism Deserves to Die. While I don’t disparage the author for his opinion (because it is just that), we have to note that opinions can be … well, wrong. And from where I sit as a Coven Leader, the ideas in this article are … well,…

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7 Favorite Fictional Witches

I have a friend who just recently found out I’m a Witch. Actually, it’s someone I work with via phone on a regular basis. We’ll call her V. Our conversation one night turned towards dreams and goals, as V was leaving her then-current department to do something meaningful to her. So, career moves was the…

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Is Magic Based In Spirituality?

Having a blog means that I sometimes get emails, and those emails are generally questions. Often, they’re questions about my opinion on a certain situation – or they’re questions like, “Can you do a money/love/sex/romance/work/career spell for me?” Truth: yes, I can do a money/love/sex/romance/work/career spell for you. But, I have a limited number of…

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