4 Banishing Tools Every Witch Can Use

There is no such thing as a permanent banishing technique. At least, not where spirits are concerned. People? Yes, people I can get rid of in a heartbeat – just pretend to be really clingy and needy. They’ll go away, and then you can get on with living your life. But that’s not the point…

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Hestia’s Fire

After you become a Witch, things start to be a different kind of fun. When you cast those first few spells, or make those first few offerings to a deity or spirit, you wait, and you wonder. And then, the magic happens. Things manifest. And it amazes you. Because you never knew before that you…

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How To Not Cast A Spell

Quartz Witch's Wand

Do you believe in magic? I do. I’ve seen some things, in my 20+ years as a Shaman-Witch, that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt have happened because of a spell. Thing is, though: they don’t always work, do they?

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How To Make Beautiful Magic Together

I mentioned in one of my YouTube videos that, back in the day, one of the earliest books I’d read on Paganism was In The Shadow of the Shaman, by Amber Wolfe. And since I’ve been going back to basics, I picked it up again. And I noticed something that I only cursorily glanced over before.…

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Have You Been Called By A Deity?

gaia altar pagan goddess

Have you ever been called by a Goddess or God? Pegged for service, so-to-speak? What does that mean to you? I think sometimes people don’t recognize what being called is, or what it truly means, before they jump right in and try to “go all the way.” As I understand it, particular Goddesses or Gods…

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