Spellcraft – Page 2 – Witch in the 'Burbs

The Witch’s Familiar

I might have said this before, but I think it bears repeating. In the classic sense, a Witch’s familiar was generally an animal. Most of the time, it was probably a cat, toad, crow, etc. – almost always a small animal. In the movie The Witch, released in 2015, the goat “Black Phillip” can be seen as a familiar. While some believe it was possessed by the Devil, Himself, it is more likely that Black Phillip was merely a familiar.

Demonic Questions

Every now and again, I get someone who flies by the blog and rattles off a few questions. Sometimes, I can sense that they’re silly questions, and that the person is likely asking just for entertainment purposes. We call that trolling. Lately, there’s been a rash of folks interested in demonology and, for some strange reason, this person thought I was “the expert” to give them answers to these pressing concerns. So here’s my list of answers to the top six questions I’ve been emailed recently. I’m not saying all of these are legit questions, but it was fun answering them.