Hestia’s Fire

After you become a Witch, things start to be a different kind of fun. When you cast those first few spells, or make those first few offerings to a deity or spirit, you wait, and you wonder. And then, the magic happens. Things manifest. And it amazes you. Because you never knew before that you…

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The Death of the Craft

Is Witchcraft dead?

The other day, during a friendly phone call, I was posed a question that I’d not thought about in a long while. The question was not startling. I’ve been asked this before. But it caused me some thought on this new occasion. The question: is Witchcraft dead? There were other implications behind the question: is…

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How To Not Cast A Spell

Quartz Witch's Wand

Do you believe in magic? I do. I’ve seen some things, in my 20+ years as a Shaman-Witch, that I know beyond a shadow of a doubt have happened because of a spell. Thing is, though: they don’t always work, do they?

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My 10 Most Influential Pagan or Craft Books

top ten most influential books

Someone asked me just the other day how I felt about learning Wicca, Witchcraft or other forms of Paganism or magic from a shelf of books. In all honesty, I have no problem with it. I’d prefer, in fact, that people would learn from books as opposed to the Internet any day. But in an…

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Do You Really Need A Solitary Practice?

Do You Really Need a Solitary Practice

Is it important to do Solitary work, even if you’re with a Coven? Are Solitary Craft and Coven Craft essentially the same? Or will they be very different at all? And do you stick with one way, versus another, if they’re not exactly the same?

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