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Venusian Currents

I had not intended for my first post on the Planetary Powers to be about Venus, but I’ve been drawn to this particular planet for some time now. I believe there are a few major reasons. Venus, when addressed in a Neopagan sense, is categorized as a Goddess of love, beauty and art. Fine. I can always do with a little more love, beauty and art in my life, for sure. But that led me down a whole new rabbit hole – one that I’d already been intimately familiar with, to be truthful. Venus isn’t just a Goddess of love,

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What Are The Planetary Powers?

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be doling out information on the planets. I know a lot of people have abandoned the concept of planetary magic. There are a few of us left. Some folks are involved in (or were at one time) heavy “High Magick,” or Ceremonial Magick. There are also those who use planetary concepts in their own systems, amalgamated from a variety of sources. But it seems like a lot of Witches either don’t use planetary magic anymore, or they just don’t talk about using planetary magic. Either way, for those of you who are

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6 Easy Ways to Shatter Your Magical Slump

We all have them, and they suck. You know what I’m talking about: those moments in time when we feel like, no matter what we do, we can’t magic. Its a dry spell that you feel like, for the life of you, just won’t go. the fuck. away. How do you get out of those Magical Slumps?

The Spell In My Pocket (excerpt)

This is just a very brief 100-word-or-so excerpt from my forthcoming book on making mojos. Of course, the title is tentative and could change at any moment, but for now, it’s slated to be Making Mojos that Work: The Untold Secret to Real Results. Thought you mind find it interesting. It’s really a bit about my heritage.

Casual Sex Magic

Most of the time, the people I talk with about sex magic think that I’m referring to something on the spiritual side of things. Like Tantra. But in all reality, Tantra is a spiritual practice, not necessarily a technique for magic. It’s meant for elevating your sexual intercourse to a spiritual level, deepening your emotional intimacy with your partner. It’s all about actually enjoying your partner’s whole person, rather than just fucking. If you get a chance to try some Tantra, by all means, do so. It can change lives. But we’re not talking about Tantra here. We’re talking about

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