How to Make Your Craft Soar with Spirit Work

spirit bowl

Before you even embark upon the journey of working with spirits, please do yourself a favor and ask yourself: Is working with Spirits really for me? Asking yourself that question before you start down this road is pretty important. It’s a necessary introspective task for a few reasons.

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[Review] The Little Book of Curses and Maledictions for Everyday Use

Okay, I just have to say it right up front: I love this book. Dawn Rae Downton delivered a great modern mini-compendium of things we can do to get … well, vengeance (among other things). You have to check out The Little Book of Curses and Maledictions for Everyday Use.

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The Ugly Truth About Ritual

It was a gorgeous night. The sky was clear, the winds were warm, and the full moon hang high in the dark void above. The silver orb shone down and filtered through the trees, leaving dancing shadows across the forest floor that looked a little like whirlygigs. An owl gave out its hoot in the…

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Where Are All My Posts On Experiments?

Question from a regular blog reader: Where are all your posts on the magical experiments that you’ve done/are doing? When I first started this blog way back in the day, I had a bunch of posts up on magical experiments. Usually, they were about the process that I went through to get my results, and…

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Do People Know I’m A Witch?

I was recently asked how people react to my spiritual pursuit – i.e., Witchcraft. So I figured I’d answer here. My in-laws (my partner’s parents, and his sisters and their husbands) – as far as I’m aware – are in-the-know about my interests. I’m almost sure they’re aware of and my book, The Spell In…

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