The Black Goat of the Sabbath

Ah yes, the age-old debate amongst the Pagans rears its head again. The community (for lack of a better term) is again taking up arms, in whatever fragmented and disjointed way it can, against the “You’re a Satanist!” statement made by many a Christian “do-gooder” (in quotes because rarely is there actually a do-gooder in their…

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We Are Always Here

  If you’ve been reading the blog at all, you know that I’ve had all kinds of poetry come flowing out of me. I’ve done this before, but only when depressed or unhappy. Now, it happens regardless of my mood. Some things I publish, some I don’t. But the essential truth here is that “poetry…

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Witchfather, Master

He who dwells in the wind, Breath of life, Giver of power, Master of magic, Auld Harney, Pater Satyr, Witch Father, Rise from the depths, Move from the corners, Writhe from the shadows, Converge in our souls, Make us ripe With the movement of teeming life. Feyaddynn

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Only Darkness Understood

night sky

I stand beneath the gates of change And look upon His face. I see the light betwixt his horns And know the spirits of place. I see the gate swing open wide And the hedgerow sink beneath, As I hold the stang in my left hand And draw the knife from its sheath. Dead was…

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Knotwork Chant

I believe part of this came from Deborah Harkness. I’m not certain that she wrote the original, as I’ve seen it in many places, but hers is the first I thought about when I decided to put this chant here. I believe Deborah’s version might’ve only gone up to six, but I could be mistaken…

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